Do Blue Light Filter Eye-Glasses Actually Work? – Debunking Fact Or Fiction

What is Blue Light? Is it really harmful?

One misconception that people have is about blue light, which they think only electronics gadgets with a screen emit. However, we used to get plenty of blue light even much before the digital age began. Blue light is a short wave blue color light in the spectrum of lights visible to the human eye.

Any visible light source has the potential of giving off blue light waves, whether it is the Sun or a mere light bulb. Research shows that out of the wavelength range of the blue portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, i.e. approximately 400-500nm, the peak damage occurs around 440nm.

And this harmful brighter, shorter-wavelength and bluish light are emitted by gadgets like smartphones, televisions, laptops/PC, tablet, etc. that populate our modern life. The major part of our body that gets affected by the blue light is our invaluable eyes. The negative consequences of an individual being exposed to blue light for a very long time are straining of eyes, irritation of eyes caused by dryness or watery eyes.

Studies show that blue light affects your eyes and sabotages your sleep schedule by messing up the body clock (circadian rhythm), making one realize when to fall asleep and when to wake up. Since in the age of digitization, rarely any of us can refrain from spending days without using gadgets that emit blue light, the only way to protect our precious eyes is by using blue light blocking glasses.


What do Blue Light Blocking Glasses Mean?

Blue light blocking glasses or blue light filter glasses are the eyeglasses containing specially crafted lenses that are said to filter out or entirely block the blue rays emitted from light sources, especially digital screens.

According to researchers’ tests and the reviews from those who have used blue light filter glasses, the majority of them responded that the glasses seemed to have made working in front of a screen for long hours easier and irritation-free. Their responses clearly stated that their eyes were less strained by wearing blue light glasses than in comparison to while looking at a screen with naked eyes.


What Are Some Good Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

Choosing the right pair of glasses might be challenging. The glass shouldn’t feel like a burden while you are working and at the same time should shield your eyes from harmful blue light rays. The good thing is that you can find many stylish and well-built high-quality blue light glasses at Vision Direct online optical centre. Vision Direct offers a range of carefully crafted eye wears that can tend to all your glasses and lens needs.


Some of our recommended blue light blocking glasses are: 

  • Arise Collective Mark Blue Light C1 YC-21067: This pair of glasses comes with a very sturdy and stylish clear quality plastic frame that is very much in trend nowadays. All glasses of Arise Collection are made with the finest quality materials and portray superior craftsmanship. Arise Collective offers a two-year-long warranty on their lenses

Arise Collective Eyeglasses

  • Tom Ford FT5546-B Blue-Light Block 001: This pair of glasses by Tom Ford Eyewear is a top-notch quality blue light blocking glass that is offered at a very affordable price. The eyewear’s full-rim black frame delivers a sleek and smart look that is perfect for women during office or work hours.

Tom Ford Eyeglasses

  • Gunnar RPG Razer Blue-Light Block RZR-30001: Gunnar is a well-known name in the eyewear industry as their glasses collection comprises a wide range of variety in style. This particular full-rim rectangular blue light blocking glass by Gunnar is perfect for men to wear during office hours and when at leisure.


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