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Jim Granger

Jim’s started his career early in life, selling KOOL-AID from a stall in his neighbourhood in Toronto Canada with his childhood friend. “It should have been obvious right from the start” says Jim mother Barbara Granger. This was followed by an interest in the kitchen at home with mum’s watchful eye on proceeding…

Later Jim caught the “Event” creating bug, organising a harbour cruise for a girlfriends 16th birthday, with 80 guests. A resounding success, everyone had a great time….running the bar at the family Christmas parties became his next trick…once completing his tertiary education, Jim packed the bags and took off to Europe. Based in London Jim started to work for a large Hotel group, and when he wasn’t in the bar entertaining the hotel guests , he was in the back of the kitchen learning more about food prep and menu design from the Chefs. Returning from extensive travels, Jim decided to get back into the industry at the good old Australian grass roots drinking end of the business, the PUB. The allure of food was calling again, and he ran CAPTAIN CODS SEAFOOD on the Gold Coast in Queensland for a few years before returning to his love of “the pub game” in Sydney.

Jim worked under the skilled eye of Rod Pittorino at the BAYVIEW TAVERN in Gladesville. This was the home of some of Sydney’s best live entertainment, and the birth place of some of Australia’s greatest bands. Then the opportunity to run the EPPING HOTEL came up, and Jim spent 16 years with the ever changing market conditions to bring a great suburban iconic pub into the new millennium.

The city was calling, and Jim has finally settled into THE LANE.

“THE LANE represents all the good things about life, love and enjoyment that I have learnt from my time and travels through the industry worldwide” as he likes to say “THE BEST YET!“

Head Chef: Sebastian Goldhorn

Head Chef Sebastian Goldhorn hails from the Park Hotel in Germany and has cooked for celebrities such as Madonna. His European background is reflected in the current menu with innovative dedications to fresh seasonal produce. Sebastian has notably worked under high-caliber chefs such as Luke Mangan so his level of quality execution is certainly impressive. In keeping with The Lane’s premise of quality food – done decently, Sebastian prefers a simpler approach, possessing an ardent desire to drop the astronomical prices and stuffy atmospheres of top-class hatted outfits in favour of humbler yet smarter fare and a more convivial buzzing atmosphere.

Chef Dan Rocha

The newest member of THE LANE kitchen team. Dan started his apprenticeship at SAILS on LAVENDER BAY, then moved onto the CULINARY EDGE COMPANY. Acquiring top grade kitchen experience Dan then moved onto PETER DOYLES @ THE QUAY. Some of the best of the lesson in the trade I learnt in that kitchen. Then Dan stepped up to be head chef at TWO GOOD EGGS, and also toured the kitchen at Café MORSO in Pyrmont. Dan’s favourite dish to make is “any kind of dish with fresh fish”

Dan also loves to match his food creations with a fine wine or amber ale……”there is nothing better than a perfect match…….of food and wine, or beer !!”

Chef Lorenzo Ragagnin

Lorenzo started his career in Milano Itlay for the SOL MELIA, one of the largest resort companies in Europe. He then moved onto small family restaurant in central Milano Trattoria Montina. Once his skills were perfected he moved to Sheraton Diana Majestic, under Chef Paolo Croce. Lorenzo then moved to the United Kingdon to try his hand in an English speaking environment, Piccolino,  Wimbledon Village.

This was the beginning of Lorenzo’s love affair with the English language, and the infancy of his desire to live in Australia. The peak of Lorenzos European career was stint at the TWO MICHELIN STAR Restaurant called “CLANDESTINO”  in Milano, under Chef Moreno Cedaroni.  The desire for the best weather in the world, and lets face it the best place to live, was too strong and Lorenzo packed his suitcase and finally made it to Australia.

The first venue he worked at was LA PESA, due to an arangement made at its sister venue in Milano by the same name…….but this was like working at home, so THE LANE was next were we all benefit from his world-wide Michelin Star experience, and he benefits from perfecting his English skills……i think we have the better end of the deal……..

Manager: Kitty Eggers

With a German father and with home entertaining as it was in the seventies, Kitty was born to serve! Dad was the Chef, Mum the Maitre d and Kitty the ever present waitress and kitchen hand. She was also fortunate enough to be taken by her family to some of the best Restaurants Sydney had to offer at the time. The Summit, The Coachmen and of course the iconic Beppi’s, among others. An appreciation of fine food and service became inbred… and expected.

Finally starting in Hospitality at the age of 17, Kitty worked at Simpatico Restaurant in Hornsby under the tutelage of husband and wife Francesco and Marilise, the French and Italian owner/operators who imparted their extensive knowledge of excellent European service and an appreciation and passion for food and the industry. “These people had generations of restaurant experience under their belt from a European perspective. Marilise had the French service background and Francesco, the French and Italian Chef”. This was a new era for Kitty, as suburban restaurants were fairly relaxed at that time. Later, under new owner Robert Gardner, she was proffered a new opportunity to experience ‘back of house’ and understand what goes behind producing excellent food, while still working ‘front of house’.

Deciding after a few years to expand her knowledge and having been head hunted to manage by Canadian Restauranteur Amy Massey, Kitty moved onto Tiddalicks, a breakthrough concept restaurant that specialised in children’s entertainment paired with excellent food and service for the whole family, the first of it’s kind in Australia. Her management role was both exciting and challenging as she was able to Manage the restaurant and dodge flying children at the same time. Quite an accomplishment as you can imagine!

Another move saw Kitty shift her focus to the Beverage end of the industry. Becoming Bar Manager at Asquith Golf Club, she continued to appreciate the importance of great service accompanied with a sense of humour… and now dodging the occasional flying golf club.

Several overseas trips throughout her life increased her knowledge of excellent service and style. Kitty continued moving through the industry working with cocktail and wine professionals through several Hotels and well known nightclubs including Club Tracks at The Epping Hotel where she worked along side Jim as Assistant Manager for nearly 13 years.

With over 20 years experience, her knowledge of fine food, service and wines is matched only by her passion for fine Tequila and the occasional cocktail!

"Early supper was delicious!" 17 April 2017 - A TripAdvisor Traveller Read 54 reviews of The Lane

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